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You remember  "Shena" -The Pussy Licker To The Females Rap Stars!
Shena is her undercover name the female rappers use to keep their escapades on the down low! This long tongued porn diva has licked more female rapper's pussy then you can imagine. Oh Yes, a lot of these female rappers are bi sexual or lesbians. Shena does not try to lick unknown rappers, she licks only the top rap pussy out here. This is why most top female rappers always call her to be a part of their tour or in the studio. After a show, a female rapper will call her up to their hotel room to have their pussy licked or eaten. Watch Shena's home sex tape submitted to us with a famous female rap star we all know very well.. Shena says she has more photos and home videos she will give to us later this week. 

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The  Unreleased  2pac xxx Sex Tape!
Watch 2pac and his homeboy in this unreleased -uncensored 2 on 1 XXX sex tape with a rap video groupie after his 25th birthday party bash. This sex tape was shot in a bathroom by anonymous person Known as  "Mr.Camera Man". See 2pac like you 've never seen him before, fucking, talking shit, and throwing up the "W" representing the West Side. For a limited time only, be one of the first few people to Download this Full length sex tape 100% Free,  before we are forced to remove it by his estate lawyers- Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this one! click here to get your 100% free Pass

Rap VideoChick  "Sugar" Home Sex Tape

Thanks to one of the niggaz in gangsta rapper's "Dope Boy" entourage for sending us this rap porn video of rap video chick "Sugar". Sugar has fucked and sucked every gangsta rappers's dick in the game. You've seen her in videos many times on Bet Uncut late at night. She seems to be showing up on alot rappers videos lately. This home made  sex tape was supposedly shot back in 1999 before she started showing up on rap videos. click here to get your 100% free Pass

Rappers & Curious Japanese Fans! This Will Shock You!
Rappers & rap producers have a large fan base in Japan. A Japanese Rap TV show invited bronx rap producer dj Kool Nick to Japan to meet his All-Female Japanese Fan Club.this show will shock you! Wait till you see what the host of this show will get members of his fan club to do to him right on camera, while Nick is in his underwear. Nick didn’t know what was going on at first but participated.  His female fan club really wanted to check him out. CLICK HEREThis show has invited other top gangsta rappers from hoods inCLICK HERE FOR FULL VIDEO America…we will show you that later on. The show starts off with the host of the show introducing members of DJ Kool Nick’s Japanese Fan Club An all-female club by the way who does not know what is about to happen to them and what they will be allowed to do. Their dreams have come true. this Video will be up For A Limited Time Only!  click here to get your 100% free Pass
 Rapper PitBull Party: Latin Chicks Licking Ass & Tits Video
Rapper PitBull’s private party last night in New York City was motherfuckin off the hook! You had latin girls who were brought on stage licking each othersGirls Licking each others azzCLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEOPitBull's Off The Hook Party Azz and Tits asses, showing tits and ass, that shit was something. We got the exclusive video footage; over 1500 people were there.

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Uncle Luke Is Dropping More Names Than Superhead

Uncle Luke gives us the 411 on this exclusive audio we just added to our site today. Luke reveals private fuck stories about singers, athletes, and many celebs who have engaged in his famous X-rated romps.  Some of the celebs he revealed explicit erotic details about are: Gloria Velez,  Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Robert DeNiro, Keith Sweat, Trick Daddy, and Sisqo. One of the wildest fuck stories he revealed in full detail is about his professional baller friend Lavar Arrington's raunchy sex romps with a certain "nameless" chick who can really "serve it."  He reveals a very freaky sex act she likes to perform that you're not going to believe. He also discusses how she likes to be fucked. Thanks to Uncle Luke's tennis clues... and our close sources confirmed... this chick is :(Yall Know who) click here to listen to this  audio 100% free!

Mobb Deep After Show Party Azz & Pussy Off The Hook !!!
Just In…Mobb Deep after show party back at the hotel was some wild shit and you see the exclusive photos. Nothing but girls showing Ass & Pussy up close ontn_Mobb Deep After Party Part 1tn_Mobb Deep After Party Part 2tn_Mobb Deep After Party Part 4 camera. As you can see, the more drunk they got the more they show! Our cameraman was sticking his camera all up their ass and pussy. They were so drunk they didn’t even know it. At the end the cops had to shut it down, the shit was to wild! There are 8 parts to this wild rap party. Limited Time Only Parts #1 and #4 will be uploaded. click here to get your 100% free Pass
Is This Camron’s New Boo? Ooohh Weee --She Got An Phat ASS! The Anonymous Hip-Hop Photographer ” got these undercover pics at Rapper Camron’s backyard booty party. They say this is Camron’s new Latina girlfriend. She has the phattest Ass and thickest legs we have ever seen!  You need to check out  these  uncensored pics. Which rapper's girl has the Phattest Ass? The Anonymous Hip-Hop Photographer will show you undercover street close up shots of Juelz Santana, Lil’ Wayne, Ludacris, The Game, 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Lil’ Flip, Jim Jones and other rappers girl ass! 

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Rapper Bubba Sparxx backyard party was off the chain!

Photos and Videos

 Everybody was there  getting some pussy, getting lapdances, smoking out, including bubba who must of had 3 to 6 phat ass chicks that day. More Photos and videos from that party will be added later on today!

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 Drunk Music Vid Model Shits On Game’s Car>>At an after party for the gangsta rapper, Game , this high-drunk ass music video model who has been in many Jay Z music videos, stops Game’s car and strips down naked and yells to Game “That She Want To Fuck Him Good In Bed Tonight”. Then because she is so drunk, she bends over and pee and shits on Games car.  Stay away from our parties you pussy eating coked-up bitch.BITCH  

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Rapper 50 Cent Sex Tape Released!
50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Young Buck show you how they roll G's up Ho's down... The Rappers take you through their world of sexy rap video models annd porn bitches in this brand new sex tape.

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Jennifer Lopez Unedited Sex Tape!
J-Lo seems to have really been enjoying the dick from Actor wesley snipes in the never before seen sex tape.. Jenny from the Block seems to have had a body shivering orgasm while this was shot. Apparently she told the camera crew to pause about two minutes while she regained herself. Thanks to the camera guys who sent us this unedited extra sex footage. We bet you did'nt see this at the movies.

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Oooohhh shit, Rap Video Model Vida Guerra Butt Naked! This has got be a dream come true. We have seen the pics and Miss Vida  G. surely has one of the nicest, tightest pussies we have ever seen. Did you see her pussy? Damn! A woman with a ass that Phat and A tight, Sweet Pussy like this  has got to be featured on this site!


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 Underground Sex Videos Sent-In From Eminem’s Anger Management Tour
>> Thanks to the Tour workers, Video Hoes, and Dancers from Eminem’s Tour for sending in camcorder videotapes of them having sex in the tour bus and at the hotel suites of the Anger Management Tour. Click Here For VideoDownload Video Now!click here to get your 100% free Pass


Is That The Rapper LiL’ John In a Sex Tape 
Japanese reality tv shows are way over the top and more shocking then American reality tv shows.  One of the top Japanese reality shows on their cable stations is called “A Study Of A Rap Star’s Penis By 100 Girls”. This show invites black rappers from the United States to the show. Gathering 100 "innocent" amateur girls who are fans of the rappers music but are also interested in black rappers penises. The rappers stand on stage and their young Japanese female fans probe, fondle the rappers’s penis and have oral sex. Which ever young fan gives the best blow job will get to have sex with with the rappers onstage . It's an eyeful you will not forget! and the rappers are willing to submit themselves to "research" of their penises. The audience reactions are great fun in this very fresh and erotic work. Videos and photos will be uploaded soon. click here to get your 100% free Pass

 Guess Who's The Stripper in this Camcorder Video? Is it Eve, Trina  or Who?
New classic camcorder video of a rapper who use to strip at clubs...Who is it? Is it  Eve, Trina or Who? click here to get your 100% free Pass



Rapper Nelly’s Backyard XXX-Private Party 
Undercover video of Nelly’s private XXX-backyard party. Rap hoes gets wild!

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 Eve’s Stripper Friends
Some of the strippers here who worked along side female rapper Eve back Check Out This 50 Cent Azz!during here stripper days in the Bronx,NY. A re-union party with co-workers.

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Lil’ Kim’s Hairy Pussy Photos
We all know the clothing that Lil’ Kim wares on stage that shows her ass and tits. Our man with the powerful digital zoom camera cought some close-up shots of Lil’ Kim’s pussy, which pop-out on stage!   click here to get your 100% free Pass   Guess Rapper's Pussy?


Who Looks better Naked-- Eve Or Trina! Also, those of you who have seen the underground nude xxx-videos of Eve and Trina when they were stripping back in the day, please tell us who looks better fully nude. Some say Trina has the largest ass while others say Eve has the largest pussy they have ever saw! The video is the hottest thing on rap-porn sites! click here to get your 100% free Pass
XXX-Nude Trina & Eve #1 Internet Video Those xxx-underground camcorder videos of rappers Trina and Eve stripping, continues to be the hottest thing on ghetto rap-porn sites. It seems some dudes back in the day, sneeked camcorders inside stripclubs in the Bronx (Eve was stripping) and Miami (where Trina was stripping). Check out the  Eve vs.Trina stripper video and other underground female rappers xxx-stripper videos.


Eve Vs. Trina Stripper Videos

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