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Who is Ken Francis you ask??  Ever watch that famous cable tv show  called The Hip Hop Show, where Snoop Dogg and Ken Francis  get buck wild , partying and  smoking out  with famous rappers  and big booty video chicks in strip clubs and behind the scenes of  video shoots? Well, Ken was  sentenced to more than 11 years in federal prison for his role in a conspiracy that used rap video chicks/models to smuggle Ecstasy tablets. Francis would send these video chicks to travel to Belgium and the Netherlands to pick up packages containing Ecstasy tablets. Francis said he thought the models were traveling to Europe for photo shoots, but he later learned they were smuggling drugs. We just received a sex tape which shows francis and numerous  video chicks/models engaging in some very explicit uncensored sex and partying in a hotel room. You surely dont want to miss this one.
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